A Wallflower’s Whisper

A Wallflower’s Whisper by Njord Kane A chilling psychological thriller. Nick Runarstein, a seemingly innocent mind lost somewhere in the blur of abuse and harsh reality is drawn into his own lonely clouded world. But things change when the secret crush of a tormented wallflower forms a love triangle. Sometimes when you get what your heart most desires, the results of the illusion can be deadly. Are these the delusions of a killer concealed in the darkness.of his own mind When the shadows whisper, you’re never alone… Until you’re trapped…

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There are tons of hidden categories on Netflix, here’s how to access them:


Combing through the vast amount of content on Netflix can get pretty frustrating. Luckily, there’s a better way to browse the swaths of mediocre titles on Netflix’s lists to find what you’re really looking for. Netflix has a master list of categories that go far beyond the usual Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and the like. The Master lists of Netflix categories and subcategories was first discovered by the blog What’s On Netflix. To access the lists, you simply type specific URLs into a browser. (we have them linked for you below) Each URL has the format:…

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Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Children, don’t invite them into your home Black-eyed children have but one consistent request, invite us in. Whatever you do, don’t invite them into your home! Imagine this. You and your better half are on your way home after a late night out on the town. You pull into a convenience store, and you wait in the car while he runs in for something. You’re sitting there in the dark waiting for him to return when suddenly you get an inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of terror. You sit up…

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