This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fossilized Viking Turd.

This fossilized Viking Turd is one of the biggest pieces of ancient human sh*t ever found. Scientists determined that the creator of this hefty specimen was a Viking that lived around the 9th century AD, during the Viking Age. (Read: The Vikings by Njord Kane for more info about the Viking Age.) The fossilized Viking turd is called the Lloyds Bank coprolite.  It is a large paleofeces, or desiccated human dung specimen that was recovered by archaeologists excavating the Viking settlement of Jórvík (now York) in the UK.  The Lloyds Bank Coprolite (fossilised…

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Hoard of Viking silver brings English King out of obscurity.

viking danegold

A ‘significant’ treasure trove of 186 Viking coins, ingots and jewelry was uncovered by amateur treasure-hunter James Mather, in a farmer’s field near Watlington, Oxfordshire, in October 2015. The Watlington Hoard, as it is now called, is a collection of silver bands, ingots, and 186 coins that is now unveiled at the British Museum. The find has shed some light on the period of Anglo Saxon history when King Alfred the Great of Wessex defeated the Viking Danes and then went on to banish his one-time ally, King Ceolwulf II of Mercia, from history. The…

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