LtGen Frank E. Petersen, America’s first Black Marine aviator


LtGen Frank E. Petersen was not only the first black Marine aviator, he was also the Corps’ first black general. Read about the illustrious career of the Marine known as the “Godfather.” The “Godfather,” Frank E. Petersen, Jr., has become the first black Marine selected to receive a star in the Marine Corps. Petersen was one of eight colonels nominated for the rank of Marine Corps brigadier general by President Jimmy Carter. The others nominated were Richard M. Cook, Clyde D. Dean, Jerome T. Hagen, Mannon A. Johnson, Jr., James J.…

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Do you know who this is a photo of? Chances are you don’t

Most probably, not one American in one million knows who this man is and that’s a National tragedy. His name is Eugene Jacques Bullard, and he is the first African-American fighter pilot in history. But he is also much more then that: He’s also a national hero, and his story is so incredible that I bet if you wrote a movie script based on it Hollywood would reject it as being too far-fetched. Bullard was an expat living in France, and when World War 1 broke out he joined the French Infantry.…

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