Here’s your warning: The Coming of Apophis


This is a writing in progress.

You may or may not be aware, but there’s a giant rock headed towards us called, ‘Apophis’.

If you weren’t aware, then here’s your warning: There’s a giant rock headed towards us.

Notice, even though I put that in bold, I still only ended it with a period(.) instead of an exclamation mark (!). That is because you know what, I try not to worry about things I have absolutely no control over. However, that does not stop my curiosity.

Okay, so… There’s a giant rock headed towards us.  Specifically an asteroid named Apophis 99942 (Asteroid 2004 MN4).  No need to panic and don’t worry, I’m not fear-mongering you.  All of this information you can check and verify, in fact I implore you to do so.

I have written this in three sections.

  • The first section is the Scientific Fact Section. This section explains what we know thus far of this asteroid and its impacting Earth (you, you read that correctly).
  • The second section is the White Suit Section. This section explains the Judeo-Christian perspective on this event. Take it for what it is.
  • The third section is the Tin Foil Hat Section. This section explains a really cool science fiction perspective on the whole thing. It’s a pretty cool perspective if you’re into that sort of thing.

Let us begin with the hard core verifiable facts of what the scientists say is headed at us and what going to happen. This is in addition to what’s being done about it.


Scientific Fact Section

What is Apophis 99942?

Apophis 99942 (Asteroid 2004 MN4) is a near-Earth asteroid which initial observations indicated a probability of up to 2.7% that it would hit Earth on April 13, 2029.

On Christmas Eve 2004, Paul Chodas, Steve Chesley and Don Yeomans at NASA’s Near Earth Object Program office calculated a 1-in-60 chance that 2004 MN4 would collide with Earth. Impact date: April 13, 2029.

Additional observations have provided improved predictions that eliminated the possibility of an impact on Earth or the Moon in the year 2029. However, until 2006, a possibility remained that during the 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a small region no more than about 965 kilometers (600 miles) wide, that would set up a future impact exactly seven years later, on April 13, 2036.

Apophis 99942
Apophis 99942

The asteroid, Apophis 99942’s size is estimated to be from about 330 meters (1,080 ft) to around 450 meters (1,480 ft). That’s about 1/4 mile in size, give or take, or basically 3 1/2 to 5 footballs in diameter (wide, tall, and long). A giant rock about the length of a drag strip.

Image Source:

This asteroid is not a planet killer (at least I hope not – I live here too!), but it’s still going to hurt.

The one that took out the dinosaurs less than 66 million years ago created the Chicxulub impact crater buried underneath the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.  The Chicxulub impact crater was formed by a large asteroid or comet that was about 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) in diameter; which was about 30 to 45 times bigger than the one that’s heading towards us now (Apophis 99942).

Here is a visual of the Chicxulub impact that some scholars believe may have taken out the dinosaurs, below:

Artist’s reconstruction of Chicxulub crater soon after impact, 66 million years ago. source:

That was the impact that scientists believe took out the dinosaurs.

The one coming at us now is not that big,.. but it’s still going to hurt.

It’s still a 1/4 mile sized rock hurling at us…

When it hits, somebody’s day is definitely going to be completely ruined.

As far as the asteroid goes, I could put a bunch of links and cite many sources for you, but I instead welcome you to investigate Apophis 99942 yourself. – Investigate and see for yourself.

I do hope you do, instead of simply taking my word for anything.

When you do investigate this for yourself, you will notice they’ve downplayed it several times over recent years.

Well they must.

Can you imagine how everyone would be acting if they knew a rock the size of their neighborhood was coming at them?

It’s probably best to go about your business day to day in ignorance.  There is nothing you can do about it anyways and they are working on it.

China plans an exploration fly-by mission to Apophis after 2020 when the asteroid comes to within a distance of 30,000 kilometers of Earth.

Yes, you read that correctly.
In the year 2020, Apophis 99942 will be within 30,000 Kilometers (18600 miles or so) from Earth.

The distance the asteroid Apophis will be passing Earth in the year 2020 is within the orbit of the Moon and even closer than some man-made satellites.

In fact, it may hit some satellites as it passes by.


This will be in 2020, so don’t panic if your smart phone suddenly goes stupid.

It’s not the “End of the World” or Armageddon.  It just means your provider’s satellite just got taken out by a giant rock hurling pass us in space.

It also means your cell/cable/online services bill will probably go up soon because they have to replace the satellite now.

What will it look like and can we see it? 

Rock on, I like your thinking.

Yes, we can see if from our backyards with binoculars. Maybe smart phone cameras will be able to zoom in better by then as well.

When it passes, it should be no different than it would be viewing a satellite or the International Space Station passing by. It will be a point of light gliding across the sky, faster than many satellites, brighter than most stars.

Here is a picture of the International Space Station (ISS) passing by in the night sky, as an ‘almost example’:

International space station in the night sky

I am sure it will be much more spectacular to watch than the ISS passing by (sorry Astronauts). It may leave a tail behind due to its proximity to the planet, but I am by no means an expert. The Chinese plan to fly up there and investigate it, so there’s a show to watch when they go up too.

If the astroid hits any satellites, there might be a cool light show worth watching.

And I’m not jinxing the Chinese, but if they f-up and crash in to it …that will be a pretty cool fireworks display that only the Chinese could deliver!

I believe it’s an event worth planning to watch.  We’ll have a more accurate day and time soon when the asteroid passes us in Spring 2020.

I plan to go out and watch it pass. (2 1/2 years from my writing this in 8/2017)

What else are they doing about this giant rock hurling pass us?

There is the Don Quijote mission by the European Space Agency which plans to study the effects of impacting an asteroid. 

The Rosetta space probe was built by the European Space Agency and launched on 2 March 2004. Along with Philae, its lander module, Rosetta performed a detailed study of the comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko (comet 67P).

On 6 August 2014, the spacecraft reached the comet and performed a series of maneuvers to eventually orbit the comet at distances of 30 to 10 kilometers (19 to 6 mi). On 12 November 2014, its lander module Philae performed the first successful landing on a comet, though its battery power ran out two days later. Communications with Philae were briefly restored in June and July 2015, but due to diminishing solar power, Rosetta’s communications module with the lander was turned off on 27 July 2016.

On 30 September 2016, the Rosetta spacecraft ended its mission by hard-landing on the comet in its Ma’at region.

Proposed deflection strategies (Asteroid-impact avoidance)


  • Studies by NASA, ESA, and various research groups in addition to the Planetary Society contest teams, have described a number of proposals for deflecting Apophis or similar objects, including gravitational tractor, kinetic impact, and nuclear bomb methods.
  • On December 30, 2009, Anatoly Perminov, the director of the Russian Federal Space Agency, said in an interview that Roscosmos will also study designs for a possible deflection mission to Apophis.
  • On August 16, 2011, researchers at China’s Tsinghua University proposed launching a mission to knock Apophis onto a safer course using an impactor spacecraft in a retrograde orbit, steered and powered by a solar sail. Instead of moving the asteroid on its potential resonant return to Earth, Shengping Gong and his team believe the secret is shifting the asteroid away from entering the gravitational keyhole in the first place.
  • On February 15, 2016, Sabit Saitgarayev, of the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, announced intentions to use Russian ICBMs to target relatively small near-Earth objects. Although the report stated that likely targets would be between the 20 to 50 meters in size, it was also stated that 99942 Apophis would be an object subject to tests by the program.

As I mentioned, they’re working on it. 

There’s not much we can do but relax and watch. Study hard in school and help them come up with feasible solutions, perhaps.

Once it passes in 2020, it won’t be back for another 9 years.


The next passing of Apophis 99942 near Earth will be on April 13, 2029.

The next passing of Apophis 99942 (Asteroid 2004 MN4) near Earth will be on April 13, 2029, which so happens to be on Friday the 13th. It is also the day before the New moon in April 2029.

This is the asteroid’s passing which has scientists concerned and why there are projects to find ways to deal with this object.

This time it when it passes, it will be much closer and a much greater threat.

We won’t need binoculars to see it pass us in 2029 (11 1/2 years from this writing in 8/2017)

It will look much like the meteor passing in 2004, but WAY BIGGER!

Meteor over Russia

It will be VERY close, under our satellites (we will get better estimates in 2020 when it passes) and it will leave a grand show across the sky.  The smaller meteors with it will burn up and split out as well for more fireworks in the sky.

Once it passes in 2029, it won’t be back for another 7 years.


The final approach of Apophis 99942 will occur on April 13, 2036.

This time it probably will hit us,

It will hit us in 2036 unless we’ve come up with a solution by then and that’s just 18 1/2 years from the writing of this article in August 2017.

The B612 foundation produced a paper for the 2007 Planetary Defense Conference with a calculated path of risk for 2036.

The B612 foundation produced a paper for the 2007 Planetary Defense Conference with a calculated path of risk for 2036 before it was ruled out in 2013.

Using the computer simulation tool NEOSim, it was estimated that the hypothetical impact of Apophis in countries such as Colombia and Venezuela, which were in the path of risk, could have more than 10 million casualties (Baileya, 2006).

The Force of Impact

The Sentry Risk Table estimates that Apophis would make atmospheric entry with 750 megatons of kinetic energy.

The meteor impact (air explosion) from the Tunguska Event in Russia on 30 June 1908 is estimated to be in the 3–10 megaton range. 

The 1883 volcano eruption of Krakatoa was the equivalent of roughly 200 megatons.

The biggest hydrogen bomb ever exploded, the Tsar Bomba, was around 57 megatons.

The Chicxulub Impact (dinosaur killer) has been estimated to have released about as much energy as 100,000,000 megatons.

So they estimate a force 3 to 4 times larger than the Krakatoa Volcano eruption with an estimated casualty count of approximately 10 million people.

When it hits us on April 13, 2036, it is estimated to be a 750 Megaton “bomb” with an estimated human causality rate of 10 million.


(pause for dramatic effect)

If it so how misses us in 2036, then there are following dates to guarantee an impact, such as 12 April 2068. 

Well, that definitely explains why they don’t seem to give a damn about what they’re doing to the planet.

I know I seem to be taking this rather lightly and not just because I’m old and probably won’t make it to then. What would panicking or worrying do besides make my life a misery until the day?  There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, save plan a BBQ for that day.  Find a good place to watch with lawn chairs and coolers.

They are working on it it may figured out how to deflect it by 2036.  FUND YOUR SCHOOLS!

If you’re religious, I highly recommend you ‘get right with the Lord’.

I know, a rather cliche’ statement, but check out this next section. That’ll get you thinking.


Check out (drumroll) the White Suit Section next.



You know what? I try not to worry about things I have absolutely no control over. However, that doesn’t stop my curiosity.

I know all of this is all going to sound fruitcake, because I know it does to me. I really don’t know what to make of it all and it’s probably just coincidence of, both prophesied and told, events that just happen to occur perfectly. I say “prophesied and told” because of the prophets that foretold of the events by dreams and visions are “prophesied events”; and “told events” are events that Jesus straight out told us were going to happen. He told us when and described it in detail.

It required faith until now. (He even mentioned that too)

I ran across this information while seeking answers to something else, specifically what is NASA was doing about an approaching near object, Apophis 99942. This was when I remembered the biblical dates and predicted timelines.

Now mind you, I am not a religious guy. I definitely wasn’t looking for anything religious in this asteroid. I was just curious as to what progress has been made on it thus far.  Once upon a time I sought God and walked away disillusioned. Since then, I wandered in a spiritual desert for 25 years in darkness.

Anyways, here is what I realized:

  • The discovery of the Asteroid was on the 2000th anniversary of Christ’s celebrated birth on Christmas Eve 2004.
  • The first near Fly-by affecting Earth noticeably (tsunamis) with be on the 2000th anniversary of when Christ was baptized and entered his ministry. When Jesus became “Jesus” and was filled with the Holt Spirit.
  • The impact date of 2036 will be on the 2000th anniversary of when Jesus was crucified and became Christ.

Oooo, did I just get your attention?  Allow be to break it down and explain so you can check your bibles.  You’re going to want to, trust me.

The exact date of when Jesus was born is not known.

We borrowed the holiday from pagans to celebrate his birth on Christmas.  

With that being said, there are two approaches which are are generally used to estimate the year of the birth of Jesus:

  1. The accounts of his birth in the Gospels with reference to King Herod’s reign,
  2. and the other by working backwards from his stated age of “about 30 years” when he began preaching.

Most scholars, on this basis, assume the date of birth to have been between 6 and 4 BC.
Saturday 17 April 6 BC (17.4.748 AUC / 29 Nisan 3755 HC) being the most likely candidate.

Now, we get the BEST candidate of his birth based on his age and recorded events on that period, but we still don’t have the year. He was about “30-ish”, so the year 4 AD is also possible, but we simply do not know.

Because of the sighting date of 2004, Christmas Eve, I couldn’t help “assuming” that was meant to mark his birth date 2000 years ago.  The skies were used before to hail his coming, I see absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t be the case again.

AD 4 sounds good to me, moving on to the next event.

There are three details have been used to estimate the year when Jesus began preaching:

  1. A mention of his age of “about 30 years” during “the fifteenth year” of the reign of Tiberius Caesar.
  2. The date of the building of the Temple in Jerusalem.
  3. The death of John the Baptist.

With this information, scholars estimate that Jesus began preaching and gathering followers at around AD 27-29. According to the three synoptic gospels Jesus continued preaching for at least one year, and according to John the Evangelist for three years.

John the Baptist Prepares the Way

In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar—when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene—2 during the high-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness.” – Luke 3:1-2

The reign of Reign Tiberius Caesar was from 18 September 14 AD to 16 March 37 AD (22 years).

The 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar was in 29 AD,

Luke places the ministry of John the Baptist to have began in 29 AD and the baptism of Jesus is generally considered as the start of His ministry (which was shortly after the start of the ministry of John the Baptist).

The Spirit came to man in 29 AD, ending the 4th week, and beginning the 5th week of Daniel.

Okay, so we’ve established Jesus’ approximate birth in AD 4 and when He was filled with the Spirit and began His ministry in AD 29.  What about his crucifixion?

Do we have an estimate on the date of the crucifixion of Jesus?

To remain unbiased, using non-Christian sources such as the writings of Josephus and Tacitus, in addition to working backwards from the historically well-established trial of Apostle Paul in Achaea to estimate the date of Paul’s conversion, we get 30- 36 AD. Scholars generally agree that Jesus was crucified between AD 30 and AD 36.

Both approaches result in AD 36 as an upper bound to the crucifixion. 

In sum, best estimates say Jesus may have been born in 4 AD, place the beginning of His ministry in 29 AD, and His Crucifixion being recorded by the Romans at 36 AD. Personally, I find the Roman records to be the most accurate, being the Jewish records are hazy during this time due to warfare which led to the temple’s destruction in the following years.
That’s a seven year gap between the start of His ministry and His crucifixion, which is strange because his ministry is believed to have only been 1 to 3 years.  But, arguably, ALL of our records and estimates are sketchy at best.

We’re going with:

  • Birth: 4 AD
  • Ministry: 29 AD
  • Crucifixion: 36 AD

Why is His birth, ministry, and crucifixion so significant to all of this?

First of all, you may have noticed the dates don’t quite mesh up with what’s been preached and what the calendar hanging on your wall says.   First of, you must realize our calendar has changed a few times. Our current calendar is the Gregorian Calendar introduced in 1582, which replaced the Julian Calendar that took effect in 45 AD. Because of this and we humans learning more about astronomy and more accurate time keeping, dates have shifted a bit.

Because of these calendar changes, our recorded date of year 0 has changed.  This is how Jesus could be born anywhere from 6 BC to 4 AD and not simply on year “0”. The date was approximated when the calendar was created.

There are probably more things which we do not realize about Jesus besides his birth date, such as his name.

For starters, his name wasn’t even “Jesus” until the few hundred years ago.  “Jesus” is simply the mistranslated version we simply ‘go with’ these days.  No, it’s not a big secret and it IS common knowledge amongst clergy – it’s really no big deal.  We call him Jesus, so he’s Jesus. He knows who we’re talking about and quite frankly, none of us speak ancient Aramaic with accent and probably couldn’t pronounce his name properly anyways. I’ll explain below in green, but you can skip past it.

What is Jesus’ real name?  (Note: I put this in green if you want to skip past it)

Jesus used in the English language originates from the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous), a rendition of the Hebrew “Yeshua” (ישוע) or , also having the variants Joshua or Jeshua.

By the time the New Testament was written, the Septuagint (Greek biblical translation of the seventy interpreters, abbr as LXX) had already transliterated ישוע (Yeshua`) into “Koine Greek (also Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, which was used from about 300 BC to around 300 AD (Byzantine official use until 1453 AD)) as closely as possible in the 3rd-century, the result being Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous).

Since Greek had no equivalent to the Semitic letter ש‎ shin [ʃ], it was replaced with a σ sigma [s], and a masculine singular ending [-s] was added in the nominative case, in order to allow the name to be inflected for case (nominative, accusative, etc.) in the grammar of the Greek language. Basically, the ending s in Jesus was added when it was translated into Greek to indicate “Jesu” was male.

The diphthongal [a] vowel of Masoretic Yehoshua` or Yeshua` would not have been present in Hebrew/Aramaic pronunciation during this period, and some scholars believe some dialects dropped the pharyngeal sound of the final letter ע‎ `ayin [ʕ], which in any case had no counterpart in ancient Greek. The Greek writings of Philo of Alexandria and Josephus frequently mention this name. It also occurs in the Greek New Testament at Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8, referring to Joshua son of Nun.

From Greek, Ἰησοῦς Iēsous moved into Latin at least by the time of the Vetus Latina. The morphological jump this time was not as large as previous changes between language families. Ἰησοῦς Iēsous was transliterated to Latin IESVS, where it stood for many centuries. The Latin name has an irregular declension, with a genitive, dative, ablative, and vocative of Jesu, accusative of Jesum, and nominative of Jesus. Minuscule (lower case) letters were developed around 800 and some time later the U was invented to distinguish the vowel sound from the consonantal sound and the J to distinguish the consonant from I. Similarly, Greek minuscules were invented about the same time, prior to that the name was written in Capital letters: ΙΗϹΟΥϹ or abbreviated as: ΙΗϹ with a line over the top. Most often simply expressed as ⳨.

Modern English Jesus derives from Early Middle English Iesu (attested from the 12th century). The name participated in the Great Vowel Shift in late Middle English (15th century). The letter J was first distinguished from ‘I’ by the Frenchman Pierre Ramus in the 16th century, but did not become common in Modern English until the 17th century, so that early 17th century works such as the first edition of the King James Version of the Bible (1611) continued to print the name with an I. 

From the Latin, the English language takes the forms “Jesus” (from the nominative form), and “Jesu” (from the vocative and oblique forms). “Jesus” is the predominantly used form, while “Jesu” lingers in some more archaic texts.

In sum, this man claimed to be God and used the sacred name of God (YHWH) to call himself.  This is why the Jews had him crucified for blasphemy, according tor Jewish law, they were suppose to stone him to death, but it was governed by Rome at the time and they handed such matters (i.e. the method of crucifixion).

I only explained the differences in calendars/dates and Jesus’ name to hopefully now you understand the certain inaccuracies and why they exist on the current modern dates.  But again, I implore you to check the math and figures yourself.

Hopefully, I am very wrong – or right, depends on your perspective.

Okay, back to where we were: we’ve established Jesus Birth, Ministry, and Crucifixion.

Let us now talk about the future and what’s been predicted by the prophets and what was straight out foretold to us by Jesus himself.

In some teachings, we are told that Jesus will return after 2000 years.

When this happens, the first event will be the Rapture, then seven years of Tribulation, followed by His Second Coming.

So where do were get these measurements of time, such as the Rapture, Great Tribulation, and Second Coming being 2000 years?

I am going to break this down as concisely as possible. If you are interested in more information about it, I suggest doing some research on the subject. I am not trying to convert you or anything like that. I am comparing some prophesied and foretold numbers and lining them up with matching events.  

In such, I deleted the long write up explaining where many Bible scholars get the 2000 year timeline from Daniel, Matthew, Rev…etc… The biblical quotes and math was opening the door to religious arguments I am absolutely not interested in getting into.  Believe or disbelieve, I am not the person to tell you what to believe.  So for more information on the biblical math and timeline, it is on the internet EVERYWHERE.  So no need for me to do it too.  I will just pick up assuming you know or are familiar. 

So please bear with me before you disregard all of this.

The Timeline after Christ

Okay, now we follow this baseline set by Christ and all the Prophets (according to your bible and beliefs – or not).

Christ is resurrected and goes to Heaven and the Age of the Church begins and runs it’s course for about 2000 years. Then Jesus comes by and gathers the saints (the Rapture) and then leave.  There is 7 years of Anti-Christ and Tribulation until Jesus comes back , this is the Second Coming of Christ.
We all know the story – here’s the timeline visualized below:

Okay again, this is how it went/going down:

Birth -> Ministry ->Resurrection -> Church Age (Age of the Gentile) ->Rapture -> Tribulation ->Millennium -> Second Kingdom

Epiphany is when Jesus was recognized as being…. Jesus.  It is celebrated on January 6th by the Church as being the most probably time he began his Ministry, but I disagree.

Say we go with the evidence the Church has and go with January 6th. After being baptized by John and having the Spirit descend upon him like a dove, he went into the desert for 40 days and nights to be tempted.

He began preaching in Galilee and performing Miracles, but they don’t count yet as beginning His ministry – as he wasn’t preaching to the multitudes – the Gentiles yet.. An example would be the Marriage in Cana when Jesus turns water into wine. He even said it wasn’t time yet.

John 2:1-4 states that while Jesus was at a wedding in Cana with his disciples, the party ran out of wine. Jesus’ mother (unnamed in John’s Gospel) told Jesus, “They have no wine,” and Jesus replied, “O Woman, what has this to do with me? My hour has not yet come.” 

The Ministry of Jesus began during the Sermon on the Mount when the multitudes gathered and the foundation of Christianity was laid. This happened after the best guessed time of His baptism by John on or around the celebrated Epiphany of January 6, making it closer to Spring in the year 29 AD. My best guess would be around or after Passover in April 29 AD. (remember how we established the Date of Jesus and John’s ministry to 29 AD?)

The Message was delivered with the Sermon on the Mount most likely in April 29 AD.

2000 years later, the message of His Coming will be delivered when He passes to gather (rapture).

April 13, 2029 marks the 2000th Anniversary of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.

It will be the 2000th anniversary of when “The Word” was delivered from the Sermon on the Mount which began the Age of the Gentile (the Age of the Church) will have come to an end with the rapture (gathering).

On April 13, 2029, the near-Earth asteroid Apophis 99942 will pass very close to Earth. and roar thunderously across the sly from east to west, leaving stream that looks like parting skies.

It will look very much like you see depicted in science fiction films. It will look much like the 2004 25-foot asteroid passed that between Earth and the moon, coming within 186,000 miles of Earth’s surface in the picture captured below in 2004.

PASADENA, Calif., May 5, 2014 (UPI) — A 25-foot asteroid passed between Earth and the moon, coming within 186,000 miles of Earth’s surface. On average, the moon’s orbit is 238,855 miles from Earth.

The Rapture is said that “the dead in Christ” then those “who are still alive” will be caught up (raptured) in the clouds.
Biblical quotes:

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16 

“After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.” 1 Thessalonians 4:17

“In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man,[a] coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence.” Daniel 7:13 

Daniel 7:13 The Aramaic phrase bar enash means human being. The phrase son of man is retained here because of its use in the New Testament as a title of Jesus, probably based largely on this verse.

The asteroid (Christ and those Raptured) will then pass.  In the bible it says he only raptures (gathers) and then leaves (this is NOT the Second Coming) for seven years (Hebrew Biblical years) during a period called the Tribulation..

The Tribulation will last for seven (7) years and then Christ will return. This is the Second Coming of Christ.

On Easter Sunday, April 13, 2036, exactly 2000 years to the day of when Jesus was crucified, asteroid Apophis 99942 will impact Earth. 

⳨ καὶ ὄψονται τὸν υἱὸν τοῦ ἀνθρώπου ⳨

(pause for dramatic effect)

Wow, that’s a lot to take in.

So what you’re saying is: Jesus is on His way.

I don’t know. Take it for what it is.  This is what I chanced across out of the blue and I decided to share it.

Either way, hey, there’s a giant rock hurling towards us.

It’ll pass us on April 13, 2029 with a great show and then 7 years later it will impact Earth on Easter Sunday April 13, 2036. They’re working on it, but don’t hold your breath.

Oh, it gets even weirder. Check the hypothesis in the next section, the “Tin Foil Hat Section”:



Apophis asteroid comes from the Asteroid Belt, which may be sections of a destroyed planet way, way before our time. The largest object is called: Ceres, which is believed to be the core of one of the impacted objects, possibly a planet, that created the asteroid belt.

This story speculates that possibly Cere was a planets and was destroyed. That perhaps the Cereians(sp?) seen the object coming at them and began making plans, as they had some time to plan and prepare. They may have looked to the next most habitable planet for their species and began to terra form it. Then we assume that plan somehow failed or their were off on their impact time.

Thie rplanet was destroyed and much of their species, save a very few group of survivors.  This group began to terra form the next available plent, Earth. Perhaps these species existed in spirit now or some other form we would consider “spirit”. Maybe they’re DNA of individuals or a data bank with their consciousness’

They no longer have bodies or a planet, so they formed one from ours to eventually become habitable. Having no bodies, they needed to create some, perti dish style. Thses life forms sucked and had a long way to go before their bodies and brians were developed to take in the consciousnes of the Cerians.

They cut these species life forms short and caused a flood to rid many of the tainted forms.  Selecting the best out of the batch to procreate and develop – i.e. evolve. The process has sped up and they expect to return in a certain point to place their peoples consciousnesses into these grown and modified terra life forms. This would be the Rapture. Once they have enough (144,000) terra bodies with Ceres species fused, they can return to cleanse and finish forming the new planet to reproduce themselves and Ceres-Earthling subspecies.


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