If you’re reading this, you’re marked by the Beast

Samsung’s small print says that its Smart TV’s voice recognition system will not only capture your private conversations, but also pass them onto third parties.
So does your cable box now.
and your smart phones.
Everything that connects to the internet now.

Have you figured out “The Beast” yet?

Or are you still expecting some kind of Godzilla-like creature to emerge with a 666 (616 (χιϛ)) tattoo’ed on it’s head?
Horns of a lamb, ‘do no evil’
It doesn’t take much ‘understanding’, you just ‘hath’ to notice the obvious.
The internet, a system used to watch, report, and control everyone through a tightly webbed exchange network which both stores and gathers all the world’s knowledge and information.
A system tied to everyone on the planet equally, caring neither of what kind of shoes they wear, the color of their hair, nor the depth of their screen’s glare.

They can do nothing without it. One cannot pay bills, shop, or even get a job anymore without using it. <that hand’s action>

It controls what knowledge is known and what is or is not the truth. <the head’s thoughts>

It uses emotion and addictive instant gratification to manipulate everyone to do its beckoning.
Ah good ole’ Dopamine, what a wonderful way to modify thought and behavior.

*ring* – drool.

After all, “you’ve got mail” even brightens Grandma’s day.
Through this system, one’s thoughts and actions are undeniably marked by its influence.

Clearly marked on their foreheads (symbolic for thought and will) and on their right hands (symbolic on one’s actions)
Marked by a system which is all based and functions entirely on numeric coding, which by the way, are ‘human numbers’ by design.

What about silly ole 666, does it have to be so prominent? Regular reasoning always points to it ‘most probably’ referencing ‘Caesar’.
Caesar is dead, but not his legacy. Caesar is used to mean ’emperor’ or ‘great ruler’. The German word for their emperor is kaiser, which comes from Caesar (kaiser is the actual proper Latin pronunciation of Caesar, I might add),. The Czar is the Russian variation for Caesar, their emperor….
I ponder what else could be a “Caesar”, either by title or ‘being’?
Did you know that a corporation is legally considered as a “nonliving being or entity”? – lol, you do now….

You get the point.
But, this is all speculative.
I’m probably wrong or maybe I’m just crazy…

By the way, NASA informed us that there’s an asteroid going to impact us on Easter 2036.
Exactly 2000 years to the day of….
Well, you know…
Happy Easter!

It IS time.

But nobody asked me. ROFL!
Don’t sweat it. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and be as harmless as doves.

Oh, the asteroid?

You may or may not be aware of this, but there’s an asteroid headed towards us named, ‘Apophis 99942’.

If you weren’t aware, then here’s your warning:

“Hey, NASA announced that there’s an asteroid headed towards us.”

Don’t panic.

During the Christmas holiday of 2004, the international scientific community warned the public of an asteroid approaching expected to impact Easter Sunday 2036. Before news spread, the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami occurred the following day.

The public immediately forgot about Asteroid 2004 MN4 as news of the tsunami dominated the media.

In 2004, a team of world renowned astronomers

detected an asteroid hidden in the Sun’s glare which had an orbital path heading directly towards Earth. The asteroid was named Apophis 99942 (Asteroid 2004 MN4) and is calculated to have a near-earth passover on April 13th, 2029, which will be clearly visible from the ground.

After it passes over ‘scary close’ in 2029, it will continue it’s now altered orbit by gravitational attraction and return seven years later, impacting Earth on Easter Sunday, April 13, 2036 with 750 megatons of kinetic energy estimated to initially wipe out more than 10 million people.

Undeniably, this will cause an apocalypse.

All of this information you can check and verify yourself. In fact, I implore you to do so.

Find out hard-core verifiable facts of what scientists (astrop

hysicists, NASA, etc..) know about this asteroid and what they say is going to happen. What information do they have about its size and when it is going to impact us.

From a Christian perspective, the math along with historical records of this apocalyptic event match according to what we know of biblical prophecy and of what Christ tried to explain to us during His Ministry.

It’s just something you can’t ignore. Weight out the information yourself.

Asteroid Apophis and the Apocalypse
by Njord Kane

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